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Exporting over 20,000 tons of premium Shea kernels per annum to Africa, Europe, US, and Asia.

About Agriable

Agriable Limited is one of the leading agro processors in Nigeria. We collect and export a huge range of kernels in the Shea value chain. Our range of high quality products are manufactured using the finest quality raw materials available.

Why us

Prompt Delivery

We are committed to excellence and we consistently deliver on time. Our dedicated team is ever ready to take and meet your order specifications.

Quality Assured

Quality is what we stand for. Whatever the client’s quality specifications are, we are willing and able to meet them.


We are well experienced in the production and trading of premium shea kernels.


Our brand is widely trusted and we have been recognized for what we do.

Product Description

The shea kernel is a hard-brown shell that needs to be cracked in order to reach the fatty kernel. To extract the valuable oil-rich shea kernel, the fleshy tart fruit portion is removed to reveal the hard-shelled kernel. After collection, the kernels of the shea tree are then boiled, dried and processed by crushing and grinding, to obtain the buttery texture we know (shea butter), which is widely used in personal care & cosmetics as moisturizer, salve or lotion and in food preparation.

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